We are Astute IT

The Company

Astute IT helps businesses accelerate, transform, and secure technology in a Digital age. We bring value back into consulting. Astute IT is a new breed of consulting and services company focused on Cloud-based business enablement technologies. We were born in the Cloud with no ties to legacy technologies and methods that no longer work. We specialise in helping companies remove the shackles of traditional IT. Our core services are centred on Technology Spend Optimisation, including Technology Business Management (TBM), as well as Digital Workplace Transformation and Cybersecurity/Risk Management. Astute IT is located in London, UK.

Key Benefits
  • 10x Return on Investment Self-funding engagements, experts in cost optimisation
  • 25% Vendor Saving Vendor optimisation programme for a major UK Utility
  • 80% Service Uplift Improved services while removing 26% of cost for a European Finance organisation
  • 25 years C-Level IT Experience on average, with over 250 combined years of working in IT
  • Industry Qualified CIPS, FinOps, TBM
  • TBM Expertise Self-funding engagements, experts in cost optimisation
  • Apptio European Partner of the Year European Wide Apptio implementation winners
  • Agile Sprint Methodology
    The Astute WayTM: Making speed of execution a top priority
  • Confidence, Trust, Commitment We do what we say - every investment in our services delivers strong ROI

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