IT Cost Optimisation & TBM

25% Cost Savings*
10x ROI*
8 Weeks Quick Win Benefits*
*Indicative Recent Client Outcomes

Are you getting the most from your IT spend?

  • When was the last time you really challenged your IT costs, let alone took real action to optimise them?
  • Expected to deliver more for less each year?
  • Little investment made available to remove expensive to support legacy systems?
  • Wish you could free up budget to spend on value-add activities?

What we help you achieve

Technology Business Management (TBM)

  • Technology Business Management (also known as IT Financial Management) is a discipline for Running IT as a Business and is your next step in ensuring cost effective IT services with transparency to your customers.
  • We are specialists in related software solutions that will help to transform your IT operating model.

Translate IT spend, consumption and capacity into views for business and IT management
Better decision making & Cost Accountability
Drive transformation through unique insights and heightened data quality

Astute IT adds TBM value with…

Actionable Insights

Built on our extensive SME knowledge base, we can hunt and execute insights to drive efficiencies, optimise costs and provide reliable support for change decisions.

Astute IT's unique Astute Way methodology provides a lightweight approach to engage with Subject Matter Experts, identify and enforce insight KPIs, and embed a transformed business as usual culture.

Data Management

Data quality is usually a major hindrance, but let's work with what you've got and go from there. Our advanced data analytics expertise means that we can consolidate disparate data sources, build robust runbooks, validate cost allocations – with or without a CMDB.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our approach has 4 pillars:

People: Roles and responsibilities, comms and training.

Planning: Vision, targets, execution and tracking.

Process: Workflow and operating model design.

Technology: Reporting and Dashboards.

Our TBM Services

TBM User Enablement

Delivering and embedding transformational cultural change through the organisation.


Delivery of product, methodology and skills to enable you to adopt TBM


All the benefits of a dedicated TBM team provided by us as a managed service

TBM Configuration Enablement

End-to-end configuration from data gathering and allocations, through to validation, custom reports and implementing a robust  runbook to ensure vision and targets are met. 

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