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Apptio and Cloudability software helps technology and IT finance leaders make smart decisions as they plan, analyse and optimise technology investments in pursuit of digital transformation. The software uses machine learning to translate technology costs and utilisation across on-premises systems, cloud systems, vendors, projects, and agile into a holistic, business-centric view. IT leaders make smarter digital transformation investments.

The applications most companies choose to start with are:

Apptio® Cost Transparency eliminates the error-prone and time-consuming world of spreadsheets and automates the analysis of your IT costs based on data from systems you already own. With out-of-the-box reports for Finance, IT and the Business, you can quickly uncover insights allowing you to partner for smarter IT investments and business value.

Apptio® IT Financial Management Foundation automates and centralises IT planning and variance analysis in a single application, enabling IT organisations to significantly reduce time spent in the budgeting and forecasting process. It provides a streamlined and collaborative process in an IT-specific context for cost centres, labour utilisation, vendor contracts, and asset depreciation and amortisation, fostering accountability of budget owners and increasing plan accuracy.

Cloudability® applies machine learning and heuristics to right-size, schedule, and switch cloud resources in real-time, and translates bills and maps and manages tags using a governance framework to provide real-time clarity into cloud spend by application and business consumer to drive accountability for consumption.

Apptio® Hybrid Business Management gives IT leaders a single pane of glass to understand, manage and optimise multi-cloud and on-premises infrastructure cost, utilisation, and capacity; and identifies cloud migration candidates based on cost, utilisation, environment, and risk to accelerate digital transformation and increase the success rate of migration.


The Inform phase enables you to understand fully loaded cloud costs. During the Inform phase of FinOps, teams get visibility into IT spend, drill down into granular cost allocation and learn to create shared accountability. For the first time, individuals can now see the impact of their actions on the bill.

The Optimise phase enables real-time decision-making and predicting, planning and purchasing capacity. This phase empowers teams to take the right optimisation actions, such as rightsizing or improving RI coverage based on the company’s goals.

The Operate phase is focused on the ongoing collaboration between IT, finance and line of business teams. In this phase, these three groups work together to focus and scale operational efforts through continuous improvement.

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