Brooklyn Vendor Assurance

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance is a SaaS solution built for the Vendor Management Office or Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Function. It is the only SaaS-based product with a focus on automating SRM work, increasing performance and reducing risk across an organisations supply chain by fostering highly collaborative relationships at the point of engagement.

Our world is becoming ever more enhanced and dominated by technology to such an extent that it’s easy to see why more and more organisations are placing an increased emphasis on working with suppliers and vendors to accelerate delivery, reduce risk and maintain, hopefully increase, their market share.

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance brings true Supplier Value Management (SVM) to the IT Procurement Office, freeing up 30% of Vendor Manager resources, driving between 5% and 20% vendor cost efficiency gains and assuring maximum value for money across all managed IT Vendors, all backed by an ROI guarantee.



Brooklyn Vendor Assurance takes a new, lightweight approach that drives the of managing, scoring, negotiating, and collaboration with vendors, resulting in very high value and true strategic alignment. The goal is to deliver a compelling and enduring new capability for assuring highest value for money across a company’s vendors.

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance uses best-practices frameworks, lightweight workflow, and management oversight to increase the coverage quality and capability of the Procurement and Vendor Management office. It automates the scoring and auditing function of the SRM, and it accelerates a host of other tasks for which the SRM otherwise has no choice but to rely on email and perform manually. It puts vendor management office in control, resulting in quick and demonstrable ROI.


With Brooklyn Vendor Assurance, you can achieve positive business outcomes:

  • Assurance Framework with Data at Hand
  • Cost-Optimising Insights
  • Assurance Framework with Data at Hand
  • Community sharing insights and wins
  • High-Capability Self-Service with Suppliers
  • Spend time on better activities
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