PhixFlow is a low-code application development platform that helps you connect, fix, secure and manage your data-enhancing productivity for every user, on any device, anywhere. Built to your exact needs, apps can be configured in weeks, and installation is done in a matter of hours. PhixFlow frees up business users and IT teams to do what they do best.

PhixFlow’s customer base spans the telecoms, retail, healthcare, utilities and financial services sectors. The platform is being used across different business functions including revenue assurance, fraud detection, call re‐rating, data quality, bank reconciliations, timesheet validation, straight‐through billing, customer care, legacy systems, logistics and new business data entry.

The PhixFlow platform automates manual data‐driven tasks, eliminating the potential for human error and improving process efficiencies. It flags irregularities in the data or business process and then makes the necessary adjustments or corrections. With proof of concept developments taking a few weeks and full projects typically deployed within a quarter, rapid business improvements, with a return of investment measured in months, can be implemented.

PhixFlow’s low-coding, “drag‐and‐drop”, approach means that IT managers and business owners do not need to deploy people with specialist coding skills to manage the platform. This drag‐and‐drop functionality is used to configure forms and workflows which run detailed analytics, generate user applications and design reports.


PhixFlow lets you: With PhixFlow you can: PhixFlow enables:
Replace spreadsheets and manual processes with secure, scalable apps on a centrally managed platform
Manage all data access, security and audits according to IT policies
Dramatically reduce the number of solutions that IT have to manage
Automate manual tasks to free up people

Enable citizen developers with rapid, low code, application development

Document knowledge & share throughout the business

Integration & consolidation of multiple data silo’s

Automatic fixing of data quality issues

In-built data analytics


In brief, all solutions are constructed by combining core PhixFlow functions:

Configurable Integration
Read and write data from / to anywhere. Any database, any file type (including bespoke binary files), any web service and any email stream.

Configurable Analytics and Reporting
Enrich, merge/blend data in any way required within a massively scalable, multi-threaded environment. For example, PhixFlow analytics modelling is capable of accurate replication of the rating and discounting logic of any of the major commercial rating and billing platforms.

Configurable Workflows
Workflow modelling enables you to define how problems should be tracked to resolution, coordinating the efforts of managers, staff and other systems. Designers use drag and drop modelling to define customised, linked forms with menus to drive data entry, reporting, analysis and application of updates to external systems.

Configurable Interactive Dashboards
Complete customisation of interactive dashboards to allow different screens to be defined for different roles, customisation by dragging on additional fields, creation of a library of analysis completed that can be combined and linked in multiple ways to examine the data for different factors are all supported using PhixFlow’s graphical configuration tools.

PhixFlow has been deployed in systems requiring only a few users and data sources up to revenue assurance systems processing billions of CDR’s monthly for interconnect reconciliation, workflow systems with thousands of users, and data analytics monitoring data across hundreds of different data sources.

Security and traceability
PhixFlow integrates seamlessly with an organisation’s own domain security to support single sign on with full user and role-based permissions access which can be specified down to individual forms, dashboards and menus and data. PhixFlow maintains a full audit trail of who does, what, when and where to provide a clear view of how systems are being used.

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